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History of the United States Mint and Coinage Ancient and Modern-Evans, 1894

This is a copy of the “New Revised Edition” of the Evans US Mint classic. Over the years there were multiple editions of this work published and the book in this listing is a hardbound issue with reddish-brown cloth covering, embossed decorative covers and spine; with gilt lettering and spine trim. There is some fading of the covers, stray pencil marks on several pages and parts of the spine are loose, but overall the book is fairly clean and tight. This edition is approximately 180-pages with dimensions of approximately 9 x 5-3/4 inches.

It contains an extensive chapter describing the minting process complete with many exceptional illustrations and even an illustration of a counting board with 60 (sixty!) 1804 silver coins, presumably dimes or half-dimes. There is an additional discussion of foreign and ancient coins that is then followed by a more detailed study of US federal and colonial issues. Two dozen or more high quality black and white plates of coins, minting tools and portraits are scattered throughout the work as well. Lastly, there is a nascent coin grading and valuation guide at the end, with at least the valuation guide serving as an ad for Scott Stamp and Coin Co. where an 1804 dollar is listed at $200 and an 1836 Gobrecht dollar at $4.00 while the 1796 quarter is $1.00, which is more than the 1804 quarter at 75-cents!


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