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Exonumia of the Week

Shreeve and Company Catalogue 1910-1911

This Shreve and Company catalogue comes bound in a heavy paper cover that has embedded within it a dramatic copper plate with an approximate size of 1-3/4 x 3-1/2 inches. Shreve and Company is a luxury jeweler and silversmith entity that has been in San Francisco since 1854. Their building was one of the few to survive the earthquake of 1906. This catalogue might be considered the Sears catalogue of high end jewelers and silversmiths. It is a heavy book of approximately 225-pages with nearly every page featuring a large photograph (halftone plates) of a group of items for sale with prices listed on the bottom of each page. At the back of the book there is still the attached order form with the date of order listed as “191_”. The off-white cover has some light staining and some of the interior pages also have some light discoloration or staining. The pages are made of high quality material and are intentionally ragged cut on the edges.

Priced at: $1,200.00

Exonumia of the Week

The Coins of the Bible Illustrated-Scott & Company 1884

Although this is a physically small book, it measures approximately 3-1/2 x 5-1/4 inches and is only approximately ¼ inch thick; the book carries quite a bit of heft. The reason for that would be the four “Fac-Similies of Coins Mentioned in the Holy Bible” nestled neatly into die-cut holes in the back cover, as issued. The book is 38-pages in length with minor scuffing along the covers, but the interior pages are nearly completely devoid of any stains, stray marks or other injuries. The pages are thick and crisp and the typeface bold and easy to read. Perhaps most surprisingly, the reproductions in the back are complete as a group and have not been abused in any obvious manner. It seems that this book was originally produced to allow school age children a chance to learn about coins in the Bible and as such it would stand to reason that the great majority of pieces still extant would show significant handling. This is not the case with the current example. The reproductions included in the back include one each “Shekel of Israel”, “Widow’s Mite”, “Shekel or Stater” and “Penny or Denarius”.

Priced at: $995.00

John Martin Blankenberg Alaskan Gold Rush photo

John Martin Blankenberg Alaskan Gold Rush photo

John Martin Blankenberg Alaskan Gold Rush photo; professional panoramic image of the Eldorado works near Fairbanks. 4 1/4″ x 113/4″ Signed and stamped on back ( John Blankenberg, Photographer, Haines Alaska)

John Martin Blankenberg was born in Tragdor, Norway, October 24, 1860. He came to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush and worked as a photographer in Dawson, Haines, and possibly other locations. Little is known of his personal life. He was married at one time and spent the latter part of his life in Tenakee, Alaska, which is where he died, August 19, 1939. He is best known for his photos of Haines, Lake Bennett, and Lake Lindeman, the Chilkat Indians, and activities on the Chilkoot Pass. Taken from the Alaska State Library
Priced at: $250.00

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