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1879 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS MS68+ (CAC)

The Seated Liberty denominations can be a bear for type set collectors and are definitely among the most difficult for the date/mintmark collectors. Taking the quarters by themselves, there are six varieties or sub-types generally recognized for inclusion into a type set, which include No Drapery, No Motto, Arrows & Rays, Arrows No Motto, With Motto as well as Arrows With Motto. Those collectors who buy gem or near-gem coinage typically do not obtain each of these varieties and instead will concentrate on one or two superb examples of the type. This coin would satisfy nearly anyone wanting to obtain a super-gem for type purposes.

The With Motto coinage is the most easily obtained in high grade, but even in this variety there are gradations to the definition of “easily obtained”. The great majority of the latter date issues, starting with 1879 and continuing through the end of the series, were produced in such strikingly low quantities that there basal price levels are quite high. The coin offered here is from that latter production period and had an original mintage of only 13,600 pieces. Both obverse and reverse are awash in a rich blend of blue and violet that start as swirls of deep navy around the rims and gradually change to violet in the center. The coin is very clean of marks, as would be expected at the MS68+ grade level, and the strike is quite strong throughout including the eagle’s talons and wing tips, Ms. Liberty’s hair and fingers and along the rims of both obverse and reverse shields. This coin glows when rotated in the light and has superb “curb appeal” as well as superb eye appeal under a loupe. This could be a one-coin collection, the highlight of a complete type set or the cornerstone to a fabulous Seated Liberty type set.


PCGS Population: 1 Higher: 0
CAC Population/Higher: 3/0


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