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American Bank Note Company (ABNCo) Robert Lucas (1781-1853) Portrait Vignette

October 27, 2014 Sales Archive, Sold - Americana

Robert Lucas was a Brigadier General, first as the Speaker of the Ohio State Senate, President of the first Democratic National Convention and Governor of the State of Ohio serving between 1832 and 1836; he was later appointed as the first Governor of the Iowa Territory in 1838. This steel plate is approximately 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches with a bold, stern facing portrait, which makes him appear to be the missing sibling to Zachary Taylor and Andrew Jackson, within oval frame and ornamentation. It is a typical steel grey color with minor handling marks and marked John Sellers on the reverse. The original paper envelope is included and has V46943 written in bold, red ink as well as No. 18 in black ink below. Included is a proof impression on white stock paper with notations in pencil and red ink as well as a proof room index card from ABNCo that records the identity of the engraver as James Bannister.



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