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1839-O Reeded Edge Half Dollar PCGS MS65

The 1839-O Reeded Edge half dollar might be considered one of the quintessential “cool” coins of American numismatics. It is the first regular issue branch mint half dollar in United States history; prominently sports a terrific, large “O” mintmark just above the date on the obverse; was issued from a now defunct, Southern mint; has a relatively low initial mintage and a sparse number of extant pieces; and has an avid collector following. General awareness within the numismatic community of the attractive characteristics for this coin has grown in recent years, since the publication of the presently definitive work on the Reeded Edge half dollar series. It is one thing to find a low grade problem coin, but to find any 1839-O Reeded Edge half dollar with substantial meat and attractive surfaces is a mighty tall order. Indeed, anything from VF or above with original and attractive surfaces rarely comes to market, and when these pieces do surface, they tend to disappear quickly into strong hands.

Here is an opportunity to acquire one of the finest 1839-O Reeded Edge half dollars that one is ever likely to see. At first glance the surfaces appear nearly white, but a closer inspection reveals a light lilac blush throughout most of the coin with stronger lime and gold hints near the rims. The patina is thick and wonderful, the diagnostic die cracks that connect the obverse stars and invade the reverse design are easily visible and the re-cut “O” mintmark is obvious. The coin is even replete with three carbon marks, which could be used as pedigree marks, on the reverse. This is not an issue found in a high level of preservation with any frequency and to find an extant gem is enough of a reason to build a one-coin collection, if needed.

PCGS Population: 4 Higher: 2
CAC Population/Higher: 1/1


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