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Large Bronze Lincoln Plaque on Hardwood by Charles Calverley

Charles Calverley (1833-1914) began work as an apprentice stone cutter in Albany, NY, but his exemplary work earned him early recognition and his career progressed rapidly to the point that he was able to open his own studio in New York City in 1869. Calverley’s work appears in many art museums and his bust of Senator Lafayette Foster is on permanent display at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

This large and heavy plaque is firmly attached to a wooden backing board by two screws. The overall dimensions are approximately 15 x 16 inches with the central bronze artwork approximately 10-1/2 inches across. Near the bottom it is signed “C. CALVERLEY 1898” with a notation under that stating it was produced by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co. Founders, New York in 1900.


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